Since everyone is busy and I don’t feel like putting my feels on other social media networks…

The lovely Tumblr community gets to hear my feels. So my apologies in advance.

First off, here’s a link http://vimeo.com/64510723. Go watch it. It’s a trailer to a documentary about a town really close to where I went to high school. I’ve talked to the director of the film and I think he had the best of intentions going into this thing. Here’s a link to the article about it: http://www.register-herald.com/local/x1901562111/-Oxyana-Filmmaker-documenting-area-pill-problem

Most of the time, I love where I live. But then something like this comes around and you get to see how truly mother fucking stupid people are around here. They are so closed minded and up in arms about anything and everything. So many people who are from Oceana are INSTANTLY criticizing this film and THEY HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT YET.

This is about to become me just shouting profanities. Honestly, if these people don’t see that there is a REAL problem in all of southern West Virginia, not just Oceana, then they are even more dim-witted than I had originally thought. It’s not just Oceana… It’s Gilbert, it’s Beckley, it’s Pineville, it’s Lewisburg, it’s EVERYWHERE. It’s not even just West Virginia.

Drug addiction is something our entire country faces. The filmmakers of Oxyana just decided to highlight a particular area. SO WHAT? DEAL WITH IT. It’s not going away, so shut your fucking mouths or do something to help solve the problem so people will “stop bashing your town.”

Hell, who knows? Maybe this film will become so widespread and start a movement to make a real difference. People in southern West Virginia are so afraid of change. But without change, the problem is only going to get worse.

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